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A passion for hunting and a passion for angling

We are a family run business that has enjoyed many years of hunting, shooting and angling. With over 40 years of experience, this knowledge enables us to give advice and help our customers to choose the right clothes for the right environment.

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  • pheasant
  • pheas
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  • Walk in the moors
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In 1985 I was introduced to clay shooting at my local ground and this led to a whole new passion for hunting. Since then I have gained experience in game shooting, wild fowling and pigeon shooting as well as frequently visiting the clay ground.

From duck shooting behind a hide to walk up or peg game shooting, choosing the right hunting garment was important for my comfortability in all weathers. As they say, there's no substitute for experience. As well as providing quality clothing at value for money prices we pride ourselves on giving our customers a great level of service and sound advice.

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    Experience matters! I caught my first fish in 1975 and this led to many happy years of pleasure fishing with my uncle that later developed into match angling. Throughout my angling years I experienced all the elements that soon taught me the importance of wearing the right clothing for the right conditions.

    • served game pies
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    • Game pie with Mash and Cheese topping
    • Game dinner
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    • Game Pies

    A taste of the country and we love it. 

    The first picture shows a game mix of Pheasant, Partridge and Wildfowl, topped with mash and grated cheese and onion. 

    The second picture has the same ingredients cooked in an individual pie dish topped with a crusty pastry.

    Celebrating our 6th year in business and the move to our new premises in November 2016

    Why Game Garments? We were fed up with visiting shops that didn't have anything to suit our needs. Some of our colleagues and friends were finding the same frustrations. 

    In 2016, Game Garments was born. Predominantly run by Lesley, the business has been built up from small beginnings. In 2017 the business relocated to a larger office and unit space. The pictures show how we are progressing today with a snap of our new office and unit.