Frequently asked questions and did you know?

Water proofing explained

What does waterproof mean and how is it understood. A waterproof item doesnt mean that it can stand all types of rain fall.

We often get customers asking, is this jacket waterproof as I want to stay dry when it rains.

The answer is simple and would depend on the type of conditions that an individual would want to wear their garment in. The chart above explains the different types of rain pressure that a garment would be likely to take. For example an item of clothing that is at the bottom of the scale and between 5,000 and 10,000mm would only stand light on and off rain pressure. Any Garment under 20,000mm of rain pressure rating wouldnt be capable of handling moderate to heavy rain fall without it leaking through the seams at some point. We do not stock items that will with stand prelonged heavy rain fall as these are in the family of gortex and similar expensive materials.

The truth is that all outerwear designed for active winter sports has various degrees of water resistance, but will eventually leak given enough water, time and pressure. Manufacturers define “waterproof” according to different standards, and testing is not standardized. A rubber raincoat is completely waterproof, and may be the ideal garment for standing in a downpour waiting for the bus, but if you tried to ski or snowboard in it, you’d be wet in no time from your own perspiration. The trick is to balance protection from rain and snow on the outside with the ability to let water vapor (warm perspiration) escape from the inside.