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  1. Choosing the right dog whistle as recommended by ACME specialists Whistles.

    Choosing the perfect dog whistle for your family pet or working dog is key to facilitating smooth training. Like with people, no two dogs are exactly alike and this can make it somewhat challenging to choose the right whistle to train with. Of course, the level your dog is trained to and the speed at which they make progress will depend on the amount of time that you invest in training as well as the aptitude of your dog, but choosing the right tools will give you both a great start. There are a number of things which will help you to choose the right whistle the first time, including the breed of dog and the kind of work you will be doing with them.


    Retrieving breeds such as goldens, labradors and curly coats are generally energetic and sociable, and most will benefit from being able to run in large open spaces, especially young dogs. Whether your retriever is a working dog or a family pet you will need a whistle which can be heard over long distances so you can reliably recall the animal or give instruction. The ACME 211 ½ has been specially designed to sound at a frequency of 5700Hz which can be heard by your dog at distances up to 1.5km depending on the weather conditions and terrain.


    Spaniels are boundless balls of energy.  Whether you have opted for a springer, cocker, Cavalier or something more unusual like a water spaniel they are all characterised by a tireless personality. They are generally enthusiastic working dogs which are common in the beater line on hunts where they come into their own in terms of obedience. As they tend to work more closely with their people than other working dogs you may not need to use a whistle with a large sound radius so the ACME 210 ½ is a good option. It sounds at a frequency of 6200Hz which is effective up to 90m under ideal conditions.


    Pointers are highly trained animals which are often used as gun dogs. They get their name from the fact that they physically freeze with their nose pointing towards the prey animal they have scented, alerting their master to the location of the prey animal. They are also an excellent choice as a family pet, being loyal, intelligent and sociable and are a great match for the active family especially. A working pointer will spend a lot of their time sifting the undergrowth looking for the scent or sound of rabbits, hares, pheasant or other prey species and as such you will more than likely benefit from using a whistle which can penetrate the groundcover effectively. The ACME 212 Pro Trialler has been specially designed to sound at 5200Hz which cuts through thick groundcover, allowing you to communicate with your dog effectively.

    All breeds

    Whether your dog is a family pet or a working animal of any breed, you may like to try the ACME ‘silent’ dog whistle which is fully adjustable in pitch. Due to the fact it can be fully adjusted it is suitable for all dogs of all breeds - you will simply need to adjust the pitch until you find one that your dog responds best to. Of course, the pitch you choose will change the radius the whistle can be heard from, as will terrain and weather conditions, so be sure to check the effectiveness of your chosen pitch. While it is called a ‘silent’ dog whistle, no whistle can truly be silent or even the dog will not be able to hear it. It simply operates at high frequencies which are just outside the range of most human hearing, but the lower pitches can certainly be heard by human ears.

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  2. Just wanted to share this article that was published by Shooting UK on September the 19th. Titled what you should know about Shotgun Barrels.
    Is height and reach important?
    A person’s height and reach is one of the first factors to consider.
    The overall length of a gun can present a much higher degree of difficulty, particularly for a shorter person with a long gun, as it is likely to be unwieldy, awkward and much heavier in the left hand (right-handed shooter).
    This will cause them to feel the gun is barrel heavy, difficult to get moving and cumbersome.
    Taller people tend to have longer arms and reach, whereas the opposite applies to shorter people.
    Visualise a small person, perhaps a child of 10, with a 32in gun. This would be too long, not to mention heavy, and present them with a difficult, almost impossible task
    Alternatively, imagine a tall person with a short gun with 26in barrels. It would look and be way too short. This should give you an idea of the importance of height-to-length ratio.

    Barrell lenghth to height size