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1st Edition news letter. Pre season shooting news

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Looking ahead to the start of the hunting season with the shooting calendar starting on the glorious 12th, almost here & coming soon!

Did you know?

The Glorious Twelfth is a term used usually to refer to 12th August, the start of the shooting season for red grouse. The glorious 12th is upon us - the official start of Britain's 121-day-long grouse shooting season.

Grouse are incredibly speedy


Regarded as the "king" of game birds, red grouse are incredibly sought after and represent the supreme shooting challenge. They can fly at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, often fly low and have a habit of changing direction at the last minute. It's no wonder they require a high level of skill to shoot. Extract from the telegraph.  Grouse never fail to thrill and few would deny that it is the most challenging and unpredictable game bird, flying fast and low whilst hugging the landscape contours. This bird is no fool and when driven, as the season goes on it craftily comes up with new ideas as to how it might thwart the efforts of the beaters whose task it is to get the birds over the line of guns. Article from countryside alliance 2012

duck pick

1st of September marks the start of the wildfowling season and let’s not forget those partridge too!

Wildfowling. Now is the time to start thinking of digging out those decoys and making any necessary repairs and touching in, are lines and anchors all in good working order? I’ve been practising with my callers already, goose, mallard and wigeon coming back good! It’s surprising how you get out of the rhythm with the different type of calls. A good call will bring those crafty geese over the decoys, a bad call will send them packing and I've had my share in past years, especially early in season.


Are you ready to go? Practice makes perfect! The more you put in, the more you get out!

Practice, practice, practice in order for gun mount and movement to become second nature.

It’s often the case that some shooters put their guns away at the end of the season and then dust them down just before the new season. Now is the time to start brushing away all of those cobwebs. This is the time to get to the clay ground but it doesn't stop there! Claying at the weekend, I tend to also practice for 10 minutes on certain days at home, working on my footwork, gun mount and swing in order to get them coming to me as second nature.  Nothing worse than kicking yourself on a shoot because the shot’s going up but nothing is coming down! Just a few simple things I’m always mindful of, where the birds may be coming from, position of the beaters pushing them out, footwork and stance, good mount, good swing, no gun hesitation, belly, beak, bang, down!


Is your truck ready for the challenges that lie ahead? Don't get stuck in the muck is what I say, I always check my beasty over to make sure I'm good and ready to go!

Maintenance comes to mind. Damage limitation when it comes to being in the middle of nowhere! I always get the engine oil changed and the gear box and differential levels checked and topped up. Don’t forget lights and water levels also tyre condition, tread depth and pressures. I have the aggressive mud ones on my beasty but always check them over before a trip into the quagmire. 


We’d love to hear from you and this will give our page some real good news stories. If you would like to leave any comments or reviews please feel free.

Forgot to mention that we have some great recipes to share with you all so please keep an eye out as we eat our way through the coming season.

 Here's just a quick preview of Mr P's mixed game mix


Good luck with the pre season practice and here's to hoping for a great season ahead!

Andy & Lesley

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