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4 bird special with a hint of cranberry and orange sausage, knockout!

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Sister in law's birthday treat straight from GG’s kitchen. This is it then, the ingredients and the setting. What a delight and probably the first time I’ve staggered away from the table from an alcoholic dish. In letting the mind run wild with the ingredients it was just as I thought, an absolute delight, the flavours were a knockout. In addition to the video I posted the additional add ins were 2 cloves of crushed garlic, a chopped onion, 6 turns of ground black pepper. I also had a pack of cranberry and orange cocktail sausages to tip in to the mix. If cooked right they just melt in to the dish and give extra flavour. Knockout!
Ingredients. In to the mixed meat dish goes, 100 ml of Tennessee honey whisky, a good squirt of honey, 2 decent splashes of tomato purée, 2 tablespoons of honey mustard, quarter bottle of honey garlic and brandy mustard garnish. Mix all up for a couple of minutes with spotless hands and the jobs a good 'n. Served with herby baby potatoes, tender stem broccoli, baby sweet corn, sugar snap peas, sweet potato fries with polento herbs. Eat your heart out people, it was Boooooooootiful. 









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