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Barrel Length to individual height size

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Just wanted to share this article that was published by Shooting UK on September the 19th. Titled what you should know about Shotgun Barrels.
Is height and reach important?
A person’s height and reach is one of the first factors to consider.
The overall length of a gun can present a much higher degree of difficulty, particularly for a shorter person with a long gun, as it is likely to be unwieldy, awkward and much heavier in the left hand (right-handed shooter).
This will cause them to feel the gun is barrel heavy, difficult to get moving and cumbersome.
Taller people tend to have longer arms and reach, whereas the opposite applies to shorter people.
Visualise a small person, perhaps a child of 10, with a 32in gun. This would be too long, not to mention heavy, and present them with a difficult, almost impossible task
Alternatively, imagine a tall person with a short gun with 26in barrels. It would look and be way too short. This should give you an idea of the importance of height-to-length ratio.

Barrell lenghth to height size


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